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Prof. Di Toro from INFN Visits IMP for Collaboration on Nuclear Physics Research

Date:22-06-2010   |   【Print】 【close

  Prof. Massimo Di Toro from INFN-LNS (Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, i.e., the National South Laboratory, National Institute of Nuclear Physics), Italy visited the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMP, CAS) on June 9-13, 2010.

  Prof. Di Toro is a well-known expert on nuclear physics. He has been engaged in theoretical investigation of heavy ion collision and the properties of asymmetric nuclear matter in recent years. During his visit at IMP, Prof. Di Toro introduced the recent progresses and the main challenge in the research of the properties of asymmetric nuclear matter in his two talks titled Isospin Dynamics at Fermi Energies and Symmetry Potentials at High Baryon Density respectively. Prof. Di Toroalso discussed in detail with the experimental nuclear physicists of IMP about the related experimental research work at HIRFL(Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou).

  The visit of the Italian scientist has enhanced the mutual understanding in nuclear physics research and pushed forward the cooperation between INFN and IMP.