Dr. Goverdovski Visited IMP

Date:14-11-2011   |   【Print】 【close

Dr. Andrei Goverdovski, the director of nuclear laboratory of the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE) of Russia visited the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMP-CAS) in Lanzhou, China from November 1 to 7, 2011.

Dr. Goverdovski is invited to discuss with IMP about the research on transmutation of ADS (Accelerator Driven System) and future cooperation. ADS project is a pilot project in nuclear fuel research launched recently by CAS and conducted mainly by IMP.

In the visit, Dr.Goverdovski visited the laboratory and facility at IMP and held a comprehensive discussion with his counterparts at IMP for collaboration possibilities. Prof. XU Hushan, the vice director of IMP, introduced the research status of ADS project,and anticipated an involvement of IPPE into the program with its expertise.

The two sides initiated a cooperation framework focusing on three priority areas such as spallation target experiment, sub-critical reactor design and development of related detectors.

IPPE has a rich experience in lead-bismuth loop reactor design and well-built expertise on nuclear physics and its measurement. Dr. Goverdovski’s visit laid a good foundation for mutual understanding and future cooperation between IMP and IPPE. 

Fig.1 Dr. Goverdovsky giving the report (Image by IMP)