IMP Hosted RFQ Design Review Meeting

Date:30-09-2011   |   【Print】 【close

The RFQ design review on the proton accelerator for Chinese ADS project was held at Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMP), on September 22, 2011. The review committee consists of 15 experts from FNAL, ANL,MSU in USA, CEA-Saclay in France, IAP-Frankfurt University  in  Germany  and  J-PAC project, RIKEN in Japan, Peking University, Institute of High Energy Physics, and IMP.

Committee  members  were  presented  the project  charge  and  progress  by  Dr. HE Yuan,  the  IMP  leading  manager of  China ADS project (C-ADS); RFQ physical design and electromagnetic  structure design by Dr. LI Derun of  LBNL  laboratory U.S.A; Mechanical  design  and  analysis  by  Dr. Steve Virostek; RFQ processing test program by Matthew Hoff, as well as the completed designs on the dynamic, electromagnetic, structural, thermal and stress analysis, processing and testing plan for the Injector II.

Concerning  the  dynamics,  electromagnetic  and  structural  design,  the  committee  members  seriously  reviewed  and discussed the details of U.S. LBNL design and came up many comments and approved the LBNL design. They pointed out the LBNL design has achieved IMP requirements for C-ADS Injector II and made a number of suggestions to optimize the RFQ performance.

Prof. ZHAO Hongwei, the deputy Director of IMP, concluded this review was a pragmatic and efficient meeting and achieved its goals. Prof. ZHAO  also  sincerely  thanked  the  review  committee  members for  their  hard  works, especially the LBNL staff’s efforts. He hoped the IMP RFQ designers could seriously take the experts’ advice to improve the design.

Prof. Horst Klein of IAP-Frankfurt presided over the meeting. Prof. XIAO Guoqing, the director of IMP, attended the meeting. Director XIAO warmly welcomed and thanked all the experts for attending the review meeting and briefly presented the progress achieved at IMP.