3rd Symposium of Asian Nuclear Physics Association Held at IMP

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On April 29-30, 2011, the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) held the 3rd Symposium of Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA2011) in Lanzhou. About 50 scientists from 16 research institutions from home and abroad attended the symposium.

Prof. XIAO Guoqing, the director-general of IMP, chaired the opening of ANPhA2011. Prof. ZHAN Wenlong, the vice president of CAS and the vice president of Chinese Nuclear Physics Society (CNPS), made an opening speech to the symposium and on behalf of CNPS expressed his sympathies to Japanese people suffering with the recent tragedy and paid tribute to those nuclear rescue and relief workers as well. Meanwhile, scientists from Japan depicted the impact from earthquake and tsunami on the Japanese nuclear physics laboratories and accelerator facilities.

The 3rd Symposium focused on such topics as international nuclear physics research facilities, development of Chinese nuclear physics research and facilities, key scientific technology in Accelerator Driven System (ADS), and international cooperation as well. Attendees discussed the Project of Future Advanced Nuclear Fission Energy-ADS Transmutation System launched by CAS and expressed great interests in the participation in the project. 

The ANPhA was officially launched in Beijing by the representatives from China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam on 18 July 2009 for systematically organized usage of nuclear physics facilities and for nuclear science education and promotion among member countries and regions. The first and second ANPhA Symposia were held on January 18 ~ 19, 2010 in Tokai Japan (J-PARC) and October 1 ~ 2, 2010 in Seoul Korea (Sungkyunkwan University) respectively. The 4 new member countries/regions have been accepted with the approval of the ANPhA Board meetings in the year of 2010, including Australia, India, Mongolia and Taiwan region of China.

During the symposium, the participants also visited the National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou(HIRFL), deeply impressed by the construction of large-scale scientific facility and the achievement made by scientists at IMP.

The ANPhA2011 website is http://ribll.impcas.ac.cn/conf/anpha2011/index.html


Fig.1  the meeting site of ANPhA2011(Image By IMP)


Fig.2  the meeting site of 4th ANPhA Board Meeting(Image By IMP)