7th SPARC Meeting Held at IMP

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  The 7th Stored Particle Atomic Physics Collaboration meeting (SPARC) was successfully held at the Institute of Modern Physics(IMP), CAS in Lanzhou on 24-27 August 2010. In total 90 participants from Germany, Sweden, British, France, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Portugal, India, and China attended the meeting.

  The SPARC collaboration has been formed to organize atomic physics experiments at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research(FAIR) - Darmstadt, Germany, and aims to join expertise on atomic physics with highly charged ions (HCI) at an international level. The conference topics include Critical and super-critical atomic fields, Ion-atom/molecule collisions at non- and relativistic velocities, HCI in traps and rings for spectroscopy, Atoms/Ions in intense laser fields, Ion-matter interactions, Laser–matter interaction, Cross-link between atomic physics and nuclear physics, Laser spectroscopy, Status of present/future heavy ion and storage ring facilities, and Novel instrumentation. In the present collaboration meeting, review talks with special emphasis on critical and super-critical atomic fields, ion-laser and ion-surface interactions were presented along with hot topics and new ideas recently proposed for the research programs.

  Graduate students from Chinese universities attended the meeting and had a good communication on different scientific topics with the scientists. For detailed activities and photo galleries of the meeting, one can visit the conference website  

  Participants of 7th SPARC Meeting(Image/IMP)

  Participants listening to the lectures(Image/IMP)