CAS Visiting Professorship Certificate Delivering Ceremony for Accelerator Expert from Japan Held in Lanzhou

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The certificate delivering ceremony of CAS Visiting Professorships to Senior International Scientists was held at the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), CAS on August 24.

Prof. Takeshi Katayama from Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) in Japan is an well-known expert in accelerator science, and has made contributions to the design and construction for a few large scale scientific facilities in the world. Prof. T. Katayama has maintained close cooperation with IMP since 1980’s,for nearly 30 years. He was a member of the International AdvisoryCommittee (IAC) of the Cooling Storage Ring(CSR) at IMP as one of China’s state-key scientific projects. The appointment of the CAS for the Visiting Professorship to Prof. T. Katayama is not only a recognition of Prof. T. Katayama but also an encouragement for his further cooperation with IMP.

Dr. XIE Ming, the vice director of IMP, on behalf of CAS, presented the certificate of CAS Visiting Professorship to Prof. T. Katayama. XIE gave a brief introduction of the Visiting Professorships Program of CASand emphasized that the IMP looks forward to further intensive cooperation with Prof. T.Katayama, both for further development of the facilities and the bringing up of young talents at IMP. Prof. T. Katayama expressed his enjoyment from the cooperation with IMP in the past and expectation for fruitful cooperation in the future.Thereafter, Prof.T. Katayama discussed in details with the scientists at Accelerator Research Group on CSR beam stochastic cooling and barrier bucket accumulation.

The main research achievements of Prof. T. Katayama are as follows:

1)    Design and construction of electron storage ring for the dedicated synchrotron radiation source firstin the world(SORING); 2) Design and construction of the RFQ linac for heavy ions(TALL); 3) Design and construction of low energy heavy ion storage ring with the cyclotron injector(TARN); 4) Studies on Stochastic cooling of low energy heavy ion beam; 5) Design and construction of interdigital type heavy ion linear accelerator; 6) Beam dynamics study of inertial fusion with high dense heavy ion beam; 7) Design study of storage ring of radio isotope beam, and the collider with electron beam with high luminosity; 8) Design and construction of Siberian snake spin controller for the RHIC polarized proton beam; 9) Simulation study of the anti-proton stochastic stacking storage ring for FAIR project; 10) Investigation on interaction of proton beam with internal target via stochastic cooling; 11) Studies on bunched beam stochastic cooling at the heavy ion collider of high luminosity.

Certificate Delivering Ceremony of CAS Visiting Professorship to Prof. Takeshi Katayama(Image/IMP)