IMP Holds Certificate Award Ceremony of CAS Visiting Professorship

Date:17-08-2010   |   【Print】 【close

  The certificate award ceremony of CAS Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists was held at the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), CAS on August 13.

  Mr. XIE Ming, the vice director of IMP, on behalf of CAS, presented the certificate of CAS Visiting Professorship to Prof. Peter Horvathy, who comes from Tours University in France. XIE gave a brief introduction of Prof. Horvathy’s academic achievement and background, the cooperation between Prof. Horvathy and IMP, as well as the Visiting Professorships Program of CAS. He also put forward suggestions for further collaboration. Prof. Horvathy expressed his determination and expectation for the fruitful cooperation on the research work in the future.

  Thereafter, Prof. Horvathy gave a talk on “Dynamical and Super Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction”. A series of discussions were made on application of dynamical symmetry and supersymmetry in nuclear physics, further collaboration and exchange, and future perspectives for new facilities, etc. 

  Prof. Horvathy presenting the lecture to the scientists at IMP (Image by IMP)