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The main accelerator SSC is a separated-sector cyclotron which consists of four sector magnets, two RF resonators, and a vacuum chamber,. The outline dimensions is about 12 m in diameter and 6 m in height. The total weight is about 2300t.

The parameters of the magnets are:

· Sector angle 52°, pole gap 100 mm, maximum field 1.6 T.

· Trim coils are mounted on the surfaces of the poles to obtain an energy-variable isochronous field and to compensate some drawbacks of the field.

Vacuum Chamber of SSC

The vacuum chamber is a stainless steel monolithic structure vessel with a volume of about 100m3. 4 pairs of pole peces and coils, 2 RF cavities, 11 sets of injection and extraction elements and 6 sets of beam diagnostic devices are enclosed in the chamber. The operation vacuum is about 1×10-5Pa.

RF Resonator of SSC

The RF resonator is a 1/2 wave length cavity. There are two resonators; each of them is excited by a 120 kW transmitter. The frequency range is 6.5-14 MHz by the tuning of a wave-form panel. The maximum peak voltage is about 250 kV. The precisions of the auto-servo system, amplitude and phase regulation circuits are 5×10-6, 5×10-4 and 1° respectively.

Power Supply fore the Basic Field of SSC

The maximum current of the main power supply is 4000A with a current stability better than 5×10-6/8hr.

Injection, Extraction and Diagnosis for SSC

The injection system of the SSC consists of two bending magnets MI1, MI2, two magnetic channels MSI3, MSI4 and an electrostatic deflector ESI5. By means of them the beam transported from the former beam line can be injected into the first accelerating orbit. The extraction system of SSC consists of a bump coil, an electro-static deflector ESE1, two magnetic channels MSE2, MSE3 and two bending magnets ME4, ME5. The function of them is to deflect and extract the beam to the post beam line. In addition, 4 radial beam probes, a set of extraction probes and a set of phase probes are installed to monitor the properties of the beam in SSC.