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Basic Researches and Applications
Basic Researches and Applications
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RIB Group
Update time: 2009-07-21
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RIB Group

The radioactive ion beam group was founded in 1997, and the original research work was emphasized on the construction of the Radioactive Ion Beam Line in Lanzhou (RIBLL) and the experimental studies based on the unstable ion beam generated by this device. With the successful construction of the CSR project, the research work have been widely extended to involves atomic physics with highly charged ions, synthesis of the super-heavy nuclei, RIB physics, reaction mechanisms of heavy ion collisions, hadron physics, mass measurement, detector and large experimental setup developments and the applications of nuclear technologies. As part of the Experiment Physics Center of the institute, the group has about 20 members (include students at present, and has many projects come from the Chinese Academy of Science, the National Natural Science Foundation and others. The group has strong scientific research ability and obtained large achievements in the research works during the past years. From these works, about one hundred research papers have been published in domestic and overseas journals already, and a lot of prizes have been awarded.

Prof. Sun Zhi-yu

Graduated from the Tsinghua University at 1996 and got the Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Science at 2001. Joining the radioactive ion beam group after that, and once worked in the Germany and the USA for years. The work emphasized on the property studies of unstable isotopes using the radioactive ion beam and the applications of nuclear technologies, and have involved in many projects from the CAS, the NSFC and others. From the research works joined, around 80 papers have been published, and most of them are in the SCI or EI journals.

Tel: 86 931 4969321

Email: sunzhy@impcas.ac.cn

Research Field

Experimental nuclear physics research, especially the property and reaction dynamics studies of unstable isotopes far from the stability line with the radioactive ion beams, and the detector development related.


As one constructor of the Radioactive Ion Beam Line in Lanzhou, had win the Science and Technology Progress Award of CAS, the first prize in 1999. In 2008, be the winner of the Wang Kuancheng award of CAS on special contribution in west China.

List of Selected Publications

1RIBLL, the radioactive ion beam line in LanzhouNucl. Inst. and Meth.section AVol.503(2003) 496-503

2Extrapolation of neutron-rich isotope cross-sections from projectile fragmentationEurophys.Lett. 79, 12001 (2007)

Scientific Staff 

Prof. Dr Guoqing Xiao (head)

e-mail: xiaogq@impcas.ac.cn


Prof. Zhongyan Guo

e-mail: guozhy@impcas.ac.cn


Dr. Zhiyu Sun

e-mail: sunzhy@impcas.ac.cn


Dr. Jiaxing Li

e-mail: ljx@impcas.ac.cn


Dr. Meng Wang

e-mail: wangm@impcas.ac.cn


Dr.Yongtao Zhao

e-mail:  zhaoyt@impcas.ac.cn


Zhengguo Hu

e-mail: zhgxiaojuan@impcas.ac.cn


Lixin Chen

e-mail: chenlition@impcas.ac.cn


Ruishi Mao



Tiecheng Zhao



Zhiguo Xu




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