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Update time: 2009-07-21
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  1.    The development and online commission of the ferrites load cavity and radio frequency power source system for CSRm and CSRe.

  2.    The development and commission of the 40KW VHF frequency band power source and the buncher Cavity.

  3.    The development of the High-Voltage radio frequency triangular wave, saw-tooth wave buncher

  4.    The design and development of the low-level system for SSC.

  5.    In the field of accuracy engineering surveying: the alignment group has the highest accurate 3-D measuring instrument –LEASER TRACKER and creates a set of surveying method and concept. The staff of the group accumulated an abundant experience in the field of large dimension and high accuracy surveying. They not only have accomplished the task of building the accelerator in IMP but also undertaken some measuring jobs for national important engineering. 

  6.    In the accelerator circulate cooling water system: the advanced water treatment method RO+EDI has used in the system, the unique system was designed and used, it has the advantages of save energy, reduce environment pollution and high efficiency.    

  7.    In 2002, a large centrifuge heat pump was mounted in the accelerator system, which was designed by the companies of BINGSHAN (of China), SULZER (of Switzerland) and IMP together. This heat pump system can reclaim the heat energy from accelerator and generate the higher temperature water to warm all rooms of IMP in the winter. It is a first model of saving energy to using large centrifuge heat pump in China and also the unique model of using heat pump in the accelerator system to save energy in the world. It has made a contribution to popularize the using heat pump to save energy in our country.   

  8.    Several projects have been granted with national prizes for the outstanding achievements in the advancements of technologies. In 2008, because of the outstanding performances of the all permanent magnet ECR ion source LAPECR2 developed at IMP, the first Geller Prize was honored to Ion Source Group.

  9.    With the techniques, an average pressure of 5´10-10Pa was obtained, which is the lowest pressure in a large vacuum system in China and is the best result which can be obtained at the accelerators in the world as well. 2 inventive patents and 6 other patents were achieved during the development.

  10. RIB Group has strong scientific research ability and obtained large achievements in the research works during the past years. From these works, about one hundred research papers have been published in domestic and overseas journals already, and a lot of prizes have been awarded.

  11. Up to now, Ion-irradiation Medicine Developing Center has obtained more than 30 types of issues consisting of the national, provincial, ministries, etc. and research fund totaled 20 million. Besides, research achievements get 14 types of awards including national, provincial and ministerial levels. More than 200 articles were printed by the official publication, SCI Indexed 5, and they trained more than 30postgraduates recently.

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