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Update time: 2009-07-21
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  1. Typical Experiments at HIRFL 

    . New isotopes synthesis

   . Spectroscopy on unstable nuclei

   . New probe of nuclear halo and skin

   . Some RIB structure experiments by users

   . 25P identify, confirmed experiment of fragmentation in 80.93AMeV 36Ar + 9Be

   . 238U (0.8AMeV) penetration on C foil (15 µg/cm2) equilibration average charge is 33.72 and the charge equilibration time of uranium ions in carbon foil is longer than 5.4 fs.

  2. HIRFL-CSR Operation Feature 

   . Multi-Exp.(>90%HIRFL+<0.1%CSRm, <0.1%CSRe)

   . Energy range (1MeV/u~1100MeV/u, 3.7GeV/C for Proton)

   . Many beam species (Ion\RIB\HCI)

   . Multi-field (nuclear, atom,irradiation material & biology)

   . Operation modes:

  -- CSRm + external target

  -- CSRm+RIBLL-II + external target

  -- CSRm+CSRe + internal target (high accuracy)

  -- CSRm+RIBLL-II+CSRe + internal target (high accuracy)

  -- CSRm+CSRe+E_Cooler + laser (high accuracy)

  -- …

  3. External Experiment Setup 

   . Physics Goals on Phase I

  -- Nuclear structure far from stability (A<130)

  -- Isospin dependence of nuclear matter

  -- Isospin violation

   . Physics Goals on Phase II (big dipole + Si strip tracking, new gamma ball, part of segments neutron detector)

  -- Nuclear structure ( full system )

  -- EOS of heavy nuclear matter

  -- Study of Hadron property…


  1. Synthesis and Study of New Nuclides 

   . New nuclides in the heavy neutron-rich mass region

   . New nuclides near the proton drip line in the light rare earth region.

   . New superheavy nuclides

   . Establishment of decay schemes for a batch of nuclides

  2. Nuclear Physics with Research of Radioactive Ion Beams 

   . Study on exotic nuclear structures

   . Synthesis and identification of the new nuclides near drip line -25P, 19Na

   . Study on the decay properties of the exotic nuclides related to the astronuclear process -- 20Na, 23Al

   . Study on nuclear reaction induced by nuclei far from stabilityc

  3. Research on Heavy Ion Collisions at Low and Intermediate Energies and the Properties of Hot Nuclei 

   . Heavy ion nuclear reaction mechanism-A new reaction mechanism of incomplete deep inelastic collision, the massive transfer reaction of low energy heavy ion, the heavy ion deep inelastic collision in the non-heavy reaction system

   . Hot nucleus formation, its decay and properties

   . Isospin effect in heavy ion collisions

   . Hot nucleus formation, its decay and properties

  4. High spin Nuclear Structure Studies 

   . The high spin structures of the nuclei in the A~130,160,190 mass region

   . The anomaly structures in the 130 and 160 mass region

  5. Theoretical Nuclear Physics 

   . Structures and properties of nuclei: Self-similar shell model, properties of halo nuclei

   . Theoretical studies of heavy ion collision theoretical models and nuclear equation of state, collision dynamics, isospin effects.

   . Other related subjects: Pseudo-rotation of Na4 cluster, quantitative criteria for chaotic motion,etc.

  6. Atomic Physics of Highly Charged Ions 

   . Ion-atom collisions at low energy (keV region): charge exchange; recoil-ion momentum spectroscopy

   . Ion-molecule and ion-cluster collissions at low energy (keV region): fragmentation

   . Ion-surface interaction: photon and x-ray emission

   . HCI physics with storage ring: ionization, excitation and charge transfer; QED test; electron-ion recombination; high precision mass spectroscopy

   . Beam-foil experiment

  7. Study of SHIM (Swift Heavy Ion in Matters) Physics 

   . Investigation of strong electronic excitation effect in solid materials:

  amorphization of YIG induced by Swift Heavy Ion irradiation, determination of the energy loss threshold for production of alkynes in PC and PS films

   . Process of advanced material by Swift Heavy Ion: Investigation of new materials of photoluminescence

   .Ground simulation of Single Event Effects in semiconductor devices in spacecrafts investigation of hydrogen behaviors in structural materials of nuclear fusion reactor

   . Investigation on level structure of highly charged ions and ion-atom collision

  8. Research Biological Effects of Heavy Ion Irradiation and Heavy Ion Therapy 

   . Research and development in heavy ion therapy:

  Irradiation experiments of DNA, cell and animals, study of basic data and techniques for tumor treatment

   . Breeding by heavy ion irradiation:

  Culture of improved crop varieties and good strains of antibiotics with high efficiency and low toxicity

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