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Keynote Speech by Prof. Phil Woods of University of Edinburgh, UK
Update time: 2013-07-16
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SpeakerProf. Phil Woods University of Edinburgh, UK

Introduction to the Speaker:

Edinburgh Royal Society Fellow

Fellow of the Institute of Physics

Member of the PAC at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab (NSCL),MSU Member of the INTC committee at CERN

Associate Editor for European Physical Journal A (Nuclear and Hadrons)

Editorial Board for Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics

Topic 1: Nuclear Structure and Explosive Nuclear Astrophysics

Time: 4 p.m. July 23th

Venue:meeting room, on 6th floor, technology building, IMP

Abstract:  The first talk will explore the close links between the properties of unstable nuclei and explosive nuclear astrophysics. The emphasis will be on the key nuclear physics uncertainties limiting our understanding of cosmic gamma-ray emission, and novae explosions. New experiments addressing these problems will be discussed including reaction studies with radioactive nuclei, indirect studies with radioactive nuclei, and gamma-spectroscopic studies.

Topic 2: Nuclear Astrophysical studies for the production of Heavy Nuclei

Time: 4 p.m. July 24th

Venue:meeting room, on 6th floor, technology building, IMP

Abstract: This second talk will emphasise astrophysical sites and processes influencing the production of heavy nuclei. On the proton–rich side, this will include discussions on the astrophysical p-process thought to occur in supernovae and the rp-process in X-ray bursts. In each case, key new developments are taking place using storage ring devices. This will be emphasised in the talk. On the neutron-rich side, decay spectroscopy measurements planned for the astrophysical r-process will also be discussed.

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