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Experimental Observation of ICD and ETMD in High-energy Electron-impact Ionization of A... [2013-12-03]
Symposium on Precision Experiments with Stored Exotic and Stable Ions Held in Lanzhou [2013-11-15]
Modified EPAX2 Parameterization for Estimating Fragment Cross Sections at Intermediate ... [2013-11-07]
Researchers Found Telomere End-Protection Status Affect Tumor Cell Radiosensitivity [2013-09-26]
Role of N*(2080) in pp->pK+Λ(1520) and π-p->K<... [2013-09-23]
Theoretical Exploration on Charge Transfer in Be3+-H Collision [2013-09-22]
Multistage Transformation and Charge Effect during Fragmentation Phase Transition in At... [2013-09-17]
Scientists Study High-Spin Level Structure of Doubly Odd Nucleus 104Ag [2013-09-11]
IMP Fulfils A Direct Reaction Cross-Section Measurement of 6Li(p,γ... [2013-08-30]
IMP Fulfils A Study of Key Stellar Reaction of 18Ne(α, p)21Na Oc... [2013-08-12]
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