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New short-lived isotope 223Np was identified
New short-lived isotope 223Np was discovered at the SHANS gas-filled separator in IMP. The experimental results indicate the absence of the Z = 92 sub-shell closure around N = 126.
The Conventional Rule of Isobaric Analog State Identi...
The determination of basic properties of the so-called isobaric analog states (IASs) which are states with the same isospin T and spin-parity Jπ in a fixed A isobar has long been an important research subject in nuclear physics. A famou...
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The 8th Asian forum for Accelerators and Detectors held in... [2017-01-20]
EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2014 Held in Lanzhou [2014-06-06]
Symposium on Precision Experiments with Stored Exotic and Stable Ions... [2013-11-15]
28th International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Coll... [2013-08-07]
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Design Review Meeting on High Intensity heavy ion Accelerator Facility[2017-04-01]
The 8th Asian Forum for Accelerators and Detectors[2017-01-10]
The 1st International Granular Flow Workshop[2016-09-01]
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New short-lived isotope 223Np was identified
The Conventional Rule of Isobaric Analog State Identification in β-delayed Proton Emission Study...
Oxygen-content Controllable Graphene Oxide Preparation Achieved
Methylation of Promoter of RBL1 Enhances the Radioresistance of Three Dimensional Cultured Carcin...
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