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Update time: 2009-07-22
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  Institute of Modern Physics(IMP) was founded in 1957.It is affiliated with Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and focus on basic research in heavy ion physics and its related interdisciplinary science. The accelerator physics and technology as well as the applications of nuclear technology are developed accordingly, At present, IMP has a total of 23 research institutes, groups, and a nuclear theoretical research centers and six youth scientist teams who engaged in nuclear physics, heavy ion beam cancer therapy, bio-physics, radiation breeding, such as the biological effects of radiation, high-charge state atomic, molecular and cluster physics, heavy ion irradiation of materials, advanced accelerator and nuclear technology applications in various fields, multi-direction and basis for applied research.

  IMP carried out cooperation at home and abroad,  and established a joint laboratory or signed a joint training agreement talents with Beijing University, University of Science and Technology of China, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and more than 10 well-known colleges and universities. IMP signed a number of academic institutions in the long-term scientific and technological cooperation agreement with the United States, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Japan and other countries, respectively. IMP  is a cooperative research units for China which participate in international cooperation research in "Facility for Antiprotons and Ion Research (FAIR)" .

  In recent years, the national "Ninth Five-Year Plan" significant scientific projects - HIRFL cooling storage ring (HIRFL-CSR) which is constructed to build by IMP passed the process identification of experts, the main result of the beam which is accelerated by HIRFL-CSR create a latest records compare with the same accelerator in the world. It provide a more advanced research platform for domestic and foreign users in the basic research fields such as hadron physics, heavy ion nuclear physics, radioactive beam physics, high-ionized atom physics, high energy density physics and in application research field such as life sciences (such as heavy ion beams cancer therapy), material science, space science and so on. We implement the heavy ion beam to treat cancer in shallow and deep clinical trials successful, which make our country become the forth country using heavy ion beams to treat cancer in the world; IMP has been obtained a series of important results of basic research of synthesis 25 kinds of new nuclides, including two kinds of superheavy-nuclide as representation, so that our country become into advanced physics research team in international heavy-ion; IMP acquired a series of important achievements and patents, obtained a number of National Nature Science Award, Science and Technology Progress Award of Gansu Province Natural Science Award, incentives such as scientific and technological progress award.

  Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences is located in Lanzhou City which is the provincial capital of Gansu Province. Lanzhou is located in the geometric center of the territory of China's Land, there is no cold in winter and summer without heat, there produce rich delicious fruits , the urban areas was surrounded by mountains, the Yellow River go through the city. It is one of the top ten tourist cities in the summer in China. Lanzhou has a long history and splendid culture, it is a major transportation hub and trading center of ancient Silk Road. Lanzhou is the center of resource-rich region of upper reaches of the Yellow River and it is an important industrial base of the western region, regional trade and financial center and transportation , communications hub of northwest China.

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