Guoqing Xiao

Director of Institute of Modern Physics

The Institute for Strategic Planning, responsible for the implementation of scientific research, assets, finance, infrastructure, logistics, performance transformation and industrialization, positioning cooperation, confidentiality and quality management system and other objectives of the implementation. Processing, asset financing, results transformation and industrial processing.

Hongwei Zhao

Vice-Director of Institute of Modern Physics

Responsible for the comprehensive administration, personnel, education, international cooperation, security, information and linear accelerator development work; coordination of confidential work. Executive Office, Personnel Education and International Cooperation Office, Linear Accelerator Center (including linear accelerator room, low temperature room and ion source room).

Hushan Xu

Vice-Director of Institute of Modern Physics

Responsible for scientific research, ADS pilot special work. In charge of the research department of the research center, research group and the Department of ADS; coordination of Science and Technology Department.

Ping Yuan

Vice-Director of Institute of Modern Physics

Responsible for discipline supervision, retired, intellectual property, corporate management and FAIR, FRIB engineering cooperation work; coordination of party affairs, scientific and technological achievements transfer transformation, industrialization, cooperation and other work. Supervisory and auditing office, retired office, engineering laboratory and engineering center; cooperative management office, result transformation and industry department.

Jiawen Xia

Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,Vice-Director,Doctoral Supervisor

Responsible for the operation, maintenance and modification of Lanzhou Heavy Ion Accelerator (HIRFL) and the technical safety of all. In charge of HIRFL Accelerator Department of the research group; co-technical office.

Zhengguo Hu

Vice-Director of Institute of Modern Physics

Vice-Director of Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences