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A New Operation Mode of HIRFL Tested Successfully

Date:10-01-2020   |   【Print】 【close

On January 7, the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL) provided the Bi55+ beam for users by the combination of three different types of accelerators.  

This is the first attempt in the world to provide heavy ion beams with combined accelerators of linac, cyclotron and synchrotron. 

In this operation mode, the normal conducting linac accelerator (SSC-Linac) provided the Bi32+ beam at the energy of 0.58MeV/u, which was used as the injector of the Separator Sector Cyclotron (SSC). It was then accelerated up to 5.98MeV/u by SSC and passed through a carbon foil at the downstream beamline to strip electrons. Finally, the Bi55+ beam was injected in the main cooling storage ring (CSRm) and accelerated up to the energy of 320 MeV/u.  

By the new operation mode, it is possible to obtain highly-charged heavy ion beams with the energy higher than other modes operated previously. In addition, the Sector Focusing Cyclotron (SFC) can be operated independently to provide beams for other experimental terminals with low energy.  

The new operation mode will greatly improved the efficiency and capacity of HIRFL. 


                                                              The beam current of  CSRm-DCCT (Image by IMP)

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