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First Slow Extraction of Beam with Maximum Magnetic Rigidity at HIRFL-CSRm

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On January 1, the Bi36+ beam with the energy of 150 MeV/u was extracted smoothly within 3 seconds from the main cooling storage ring (CSRm) at the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL).  

It is the first time that the beam with the maximum magnetic rigidity has been extracted by the slow extraction system at HIRFL-CSRm. 

In order to get the high-energy heavy ion beams with uniform distribution preferred by users of HIRFL within several seconds, a new electrostatic septum, whose maximum high voltage is up to 160 kV, was designed and installed in CSRm. 

Moreover, a high frequency quadrupole and its power supply were applied to improve the extracted beam uniformity.  

With the help of these new devices, the Bi36+ beam with the current of 350 uA was accelerated up to the energy of 150 MeV/u, and smoothly extracted to the external target  with the density of 1.5×107 pps within 3 seconds. 

This great improvement will benefit users in material research, bioscience and other application science at HIRFL. 


                                                                                     HIRFL-CSRm (Image by IMP)


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LIU Fang

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