Research Progress

New Progress of 320kV Highly Charged Ion Beam Platform for Multi-discipline Researches

Date:22-07-2008   |   【Print】 【close

The innovation project -- “320 kV Highly Charged Ion Beam Platform for Multidiscipline Researches” has made new progress after a voltage of 100kV was successfully applied to the platform at the Institute of Modern Physics, CAS.

The platform was biased with 150kV and 230kV respectively and the whole system ran smoothly and provided high quality beams for experimental studies for more than 20 days. The high-voltage successfully reached the designed value of 320 kV on 14th July 2008. Since then the performance of the system is in a good status and provided beam for atomic reaction studies. In the mean time, ion-atom collisions, ion-surface interaction, and ion-capillary interaction experiments were carried out.

The platform provides good opportunities for ion-atoms/molecules collision dynamics, ion-surface interactions, ion irradiation effects in solids, ion induced damages in bio-molecules and cells, and very low energy astrophysics, etc. The 320 kV platform and the five experimental terminals are open to outside users, all excellent proposals of performing experiments at the terminals are welcome and appreciated.

Photo of the High Voltage Platform