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Super-FRS Superconducting Dipole Prototype for FAIR Projects Passed Final Test

Date:23-07-2010   |   【Print】 【close

  The Super-FRS Superconducting Dipole Prototype for FAIR(Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research)Projects at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Germany, which is jointly developed by 3 Institutes of CAS, the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Institute of Plasma Physics, and Institute of Electrical Engineering,has passed the final test on July 22.

  Magnetic field of the Super-FRS Superconducting Dipole Prototype was tested in July 2009, followed by the successful single ramping test in November, 2009. On July16-21, Chinese and German researchers finished the 3 triangular cycles ramping test and the quench test. The 3 triangular cycles ramping test result shows that magnet can be charged with triangular cycles at the rate of 2A/s. It can also be charged with a single ramp to 278A (20% higher than the operation current) at the rate of 2A/s. The quench test was successfully performed by using the spot heater.

  All the test results indicate that the performance of superconducting dipole prototype meets the requirements of GSI in Germany. A lot of experiment data have also been obtained which will be helpful for the development of the next dipole for Super-FRS.



 Fig1. 3 triangular cycles ramping test(Image/IMP)     Fig2.Single ramping test at 278A(Image/IMP)



  Fig3. Quench tests at 278 A (Imag/IMP)