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Two IMP Projects First Listed in 973 Program

Date:26-10-2009   |   【Print】 【close

  The project application and review for 2009 at the National Key Basic Research and Development Plan of China (973 Program) concluded recently.The projects of Study on the Mechanisms of High-Energy-Ion Beam Interacting with Matter and Research on the Key Technical Problem in Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy conducted by IMP(Institute of modern Physics) were approved officially. Prof. Guoqing Xiao and Prof. Hong Zhang were appointed as the chief scientists for the two projects respectively.

  This is the first time for IMP conducted projects to be listed in 973 Program since the implementation of the 973 Program by MOST(Ministry Of Science and Technology) in 1997. The projects will be launched in early 2010 according to the arrangement of the national science and technology management. The scientific researchers at IMP are expected to make greater contributions to the national science and technology demands with the opportunity of getting the 973 Projects.

  84 projects were approved by MOST this time. 23 CAS projects, including the two projects from IMP, were listed in the 973 Program.