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DG-2.5 High Voltage Transformer Electron Accelerator Received High Evaluation

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  The scientific evaluation meeting organized by Gansu Provincial Sci. & Tech. Department, Gansu Committee of Industry & Information Technology, and Lanzhou Branch of CAS was held at Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), CAS in Lanzhou on 28th April 2010. The DG-2.5 high voltage transformer electron accelerator developed by IMP received high evaluation.

  The DG-2.5 accelerator was developed and manufactured for industrial and research application in radiation field. Its basic parameters covering the energy range from 1.2 to 2.5MeV with a beam of accelerated electrons of up to 50mA and maximum power of up to 100kW. The accelerator was designed with air-core transformer structure. Primary winding, high voltage column, accelerating tube and high voltage electrode were homocentric located inside a tank filled with 0.8MPa SF6 gas. This configuration makes the accelerator more compact. Fig. 1 shows the overview photo of the DG-2.5 accelerator. Electrons emitted by the cathode, which was placed on the upper end of the accelerating tube, were accelerated to the demand energy through the tube and extracted into air through the scanning device. The irradiated material is transported under the frame of the extraction window. Fig. 2 shows the scanning device of the DG-2.5 accelerator.  Up to now, the first DG-2.5 electron accelerator for industrial application was installed by a company in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China and it was put into operation in late 2009, and has been running stably for several months.

  Fig. 1                        Fig. 2

  The members of the evaluation committee reviewed the presentation given by the project coordinator and the inspection report from Gansu Center of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection, examined the sci-tech novelty assessment report, the user’s reports, technical drawings and documents. The committee agreed that the DG-2.5 high voltage transformer electron accelerator qualified all the specifications in the designs. The technique for developing high power secondary coil and large-diameter acceleration tube is novel with independent intellectual property rights and 2 invention patents. The accelerator reached the industry leading level in the world.

  The evaluation committee suggested that the intermediate frequency power supply should be developed in order to enhance the energy transform efficiency of the accelerator. The industrialization of the accelerator project was also expected.