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Famous Astrophysicist Prof. PENG Qiuhe visited IMP

Date:22-06-2010   |   【Print】 【close

  As invited by the Nuclear Astrophysics Groupof Institute of Modern Physics(IMP), CAS, the famous astrophysicist, Prof. PENG Qiuhe from the Department of Astronomy, Nanjing University visited IMP, CAS, from June 9 to13, 2010.

  During the visit, Prof. PENG gave a series of vivid and profound lectures such as “Thermonuclear Evolution of Stars”, “Nucleosynthesis of Heavy Elements in Stars”, “Supernova Explosion and Its Theoretical Difficulties”, as well as “Neutron Superfluid Eddy Movement in Neutron Stars and Its Astronomy Effect”. Prof. PENG also made fruitfuldiscussions with IMP researchers and postgraduates on some interesting topics.

  Prof. PENG’s research interest is mainly focusing on Nuclear Astrophysics (including high energy astronomy) and Galactic astronomy. In the field of Nuclear Astrophysics, Prof. PENG has mainly investigated the neutron stars (Pulsars), supernova explosion, thermonuclear reactions in stars, the nucleosynthesis of interstellar radioactive nucleus 26Al, the origin of stars, as well as the nucleosynthesis of heavy elements in AGB stars. In addition, Prof. PENG has publicized the establishment and promotion of the Nuclear Astrophysics research in China, with great passion, by giving lectures in many universities and institutions.

  This visit not only strengthens the cooperation between IMP and Nanjing University in the relevant field, but also supplements the abundant knowledge of Astrophysics to the researchers and postgraduates at IMP.