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Hundred Talents Program Position at Institute of Modern Physics, CAS

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  Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was founded in 1957. IMP focuses on basic research in heavy ion physics and its related interdisciplinary sciences. The accelerator physics and technology as well as the applications of nuclear technology are developed accordingly. The main research facilities at IMP are listed as follows: the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL) on which the SFC with K=70, the SSC with K=450, and the CSR are installed, the Radioactive Ion Beam Line in Lanzhou (RIBLL), theSuper-heavy Nuclide Research Spectrometer, the External Target Experimental Device on CSR, the heavy ion cancer therapy clinical study facilities, and the 320 kV platform for research with highly charged ions. IMP has grown into one of the well-known research centers of low-and intermediate energy heavy ion physics in the world. The research activities at IMP in heavy ion physics, highly charged atomic physics, heavy-ion-driven high energy density physics, heavy ion irradiated materials, biological effects of heavy ion beam irradiation,and advanced accelerator have topped on the world-leading position.

  To strengthen the institute's disciplines and promote the development of science and technology, IMP is now inviting domestic and overseas scientists and experts to join us.

  I. Position-related disciplines

  Knowledge background required

  Number of job position

  Nuclear physics, including hadron physics


  Nuclear technology and its applications, including accelerator physics


  Ⅱ Basic requirements

  1. Applicants should be experts and scholars of Chinese nationality or those willing to renounce their foreign nationality and settle down in China.

  2. Experiences of succession scientific research work abroad for at least two years after receiving doctorate degree; no more than 45 years of age

  3. Experiences of taking charge of one or several projects independently or acting as one of main backbones of a project and making remarkable progresses and contribution.

  4. Ability to guide the direction of their research field, long-term strategic insight, ability to lead a team to explore S&T frontiers and make innovation achievements

  5. Experiences of making international level research achievements and presenting a number of influential papers in high influential journals, or mastering key technologies and possessing significant invention patents.

  6. Integrity, dedication, creativity and team spirit

  Ⅲ Terms of employment

  1. Professor title;

  2. One million Yuan RMB from start of employment, additional one million Yuan RMB for those obtained CAS support;

  3. Professor level salary, welfares, medical insurance, 1000 Yuan RMB monthly outstanding talent position allowance for 3 years, a set of apartment or 270000 Yuan RMB for housing;

  4. Experimental equipment and conditions;

  5. Supervisor allowance