Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Modern Physics ( IMP ) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded in l957. After a half century of development, IMP has become the most important research center for heavy ion sciences in China. We have established active and fruitful collaboration with more than 40 institutions worldwide. IMP operates the Heavy I...

  • Researchers Set New World Records of Beam Intensity of Highly Charged Uranium Ions

    Research in nuclear reaction plays a vital role in our quest to understand microstructures of atomic nuclei and the mechanisms involved in their interactions .The highly charged uranium ion beams used in the research were produced by SECRAL-II , which was developed independently by IMP and was one of the best performing ECR ion sources for highly charged ion beams in the world .Learn more

  • Researchers Find the Threshold Voltage Controlling Nanochannel Ions Rectification

    The existence of the threshold voltage which can switch the rectification state of ions in nanochannels was firstly revealed by researchers from the Institute of Modern Physics ( IMP ) .When the threshold electric field is exceeded , the carboxyl-cation bond of the PET molecular chain on the pore surface breaks , which leads to the dissociation of cation and the rearrangement of the molecular chain on the pore surface .Learn more


CiADS will be the world's first megawatt-class accelerator-driven subcritical system research facility.


In China, the Heavy Ion Research Facility at Lanzhou (HIRFL) is one major national research facility fo...

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